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Komandor S.A. is a company which designs and manufactures modular furnishing systems. Our primary product includes sliding-door systems for built-in and free-standing wardrobes, both in living quarters and utility rooms. Our systems allow the building-in or dividing up of internal space for the easier storage of different types of clothes and equipment in your home or office. Our systems are easy to be manufactured and assembled and allow for the flexible development of any space while maintaining a modern design. Our company is well known and has been operating for many years in our industry, selling mainly branded products following our own designs and manufacture.

Komandor was founded in, and has been operating, since 1992. It started its activities as one of the first companies after the changes in the political system which have taken place in Poland since 1989. In 1995, after several years of commercial and service activities and the dynamic development, it was transformed into a public limited company, which under the name Komandor S.A. is currently headquartered in Radom. The company has an extensive sales network throughout the country and the main business office is located in Warsaw. Today, the Komandor Group consists of many companies in Europe and worldwide, manufacturing and supplying products for building-in interiors, mainly based on the original system of sliding doors. The strong position which KOMANDOR has had in the industry for many years has its basis in an efficiently-operating network of Authorised Representatives in Europe and presence on many world markets. It was KOMANDOR which promoted products related to the sliding-door system in Poland and built the first sales network.

In order to be more closely and permanently connected to the market, KOMANDOR has been investing in the expansion of production lines and prefabrication plants for modular furnishing. We have the world?s most modern technological lines for profiling coated and painted sheets, etc. Additionally, we carry out plastic processing, the assembly of fittings mechanisms and the production of tooling and process equipment. Thanks to our efforts the KOMANDOR portfolio is becoming richer, more stable and competitive, and better adapted to the constantly-growing market requirements. With many years of activity and large amounts of products sold, we can confidently say that our products have been proven on many markets and in different conditions, so our customers can have complete confidence in our products. Our efforts to achieve the highest quality have been confirmed by receiving certification, on 21 November 2002. In 2011 system was recertified and deduced that the conformity of this system with ISO 9001 Standard by DEKRA Certification and received certificate ISO9001 No. 001111226. Komandor was the first in Poland and Europe to introduce for its sales representatives a modern computer system for managing all activities related to market support and production. Each user of the KOMANDOR system, regardless of his/her location in Poland, or in the world, works in the same optimal way.

Komandor S.A. has been investing not only in manufacturing, but also in its sales network. We have created the most extensive product distribution network based on 16 Fabrication Plants throughout Poland. The area of activity of each plant is marked out by the borders of voivodeships. Each plant is surrounded by a network of Authorised Dealers, whose task is to actively support the market and provide assembly services. Similar organisational structures have been created in many countries where Komandor has been successfully operating.

Today, Komandor is a group of several companies operating in Poland and abroad, whose goal is to create products that satisfy customer needs and fulfil them using our services. We want them to be the products and services of the highest quality.
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