The quality of a global expert

The global range of Komandor would not be possible without our attention to  every detail.

Our quality is guaranteed, from start to finish

First class products

All of our products are first class. We believe that the success of our company depends on the way we take care of the smallest of details. As a result, returns are rare and our customers are very satisfied.

Product validation

In line with Komandor’s ISO 9001 procedure, each of our products is subject to extensive quality control. Before it is released for serial production, it undergoes a series of extensive tests, confirming its compliance with the principles defined in the project’s initial blueprint.

Protective functions

We have introduced the system of labelling product profiles. Komandor products are covered with a specialist barrier coating, which protects from scratches and surface damage. We also cover our products with aluminium foil with the “Komandor” name printed on it, helping protect from counterfeits.

Efficient quality control of every detail

Coated tape or PVC lining

We test the accuracy of the colours, quality of the PVC lining, thickness of the tape, samples of the tape for peeling of the coating, resistance of the layers to harsh environmental conditions, and durability.

Aluminium profiles handles

The quality of pressing, coating, profile anodising and the profiles handle geometry is rigorously tested, according to the dimensions in the construction drawings of each personalised product.

Top and bottom connectors and sliders

We test the surface and dimensions of every individual connector and slider. We focus on installation quality and the durability of these components because we know this part of the system will be used over and over again.

Steel profiles

The shape of the profiles are inspected and tested according to the drawings and with it, the quality of the surface produced.

What requirements must our products satisfy?

Technical compliance

When we design a new product, we specify its parameters (material, shape, dimensions, colour) and extensively test the product ensuring it is consumer ready.

Aesthetic and durable finishing

When a smooth and hard surface resistant to scratches is required, the product is subjected to vulcanising or anodising. These methods aim to provide the surface with not just an aesthetic appearance but also a resistance to corrosion and wear resulting from everyday use.

Colour range

Colour selection is a very personal part of the process. Thanks to the wide range of colours we offer for our steel and aluminium profiles, the client can adapt the profiles handle to the colour of the chosen board or panel.

How do we test our products?

Komandor products are tested 24 h / day
In a special testing and research facility.

Additional protection at Komandor

Additional protection at Komandor

was introduced with the profile labelling system. The covering of the steel Profiles  with foil protects the products from scratching. Additionally, we cover our products with aluminium foil with the “Komandor” name and product signes printed on it, which aims to protect from counterfeits.