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We can design beautiful internals complimented by sliding, pivoting, folding or slanted doors. The doors can made with beautiful coloured glass, mirror or one of the many choices of laminate. We can compliment the wardrobe with bedside tables, dressing tables & chest of drawers to complete the look.

Rooms devoted to the bedroom are usually of a small size. Due to this fact the best solution is to place the wardrobes with sliding door or folding door inside. In both cases the distance between the wardrobe and bed does to to be large, because the door does not occupy much place while being opened – it is just sliding into the wardrobe. If in any room of the apartment there is a big wardrobe where we keep coats, shoes, then the wardrobe in a bedroom can be the shelter for underwear, bedding, towels, blankets, etc. In this situation there's no need to install rods; good arrangement of shelves, baskets and drawers will be enough.

Bedrooms of bigger size can be divided into two parts by pass door or suspended door. By this solution we determine the space to sleep and cloakroom space. It is a practical attitude, because we can hide a mess in the cloakroom behind shut door in order not to be visible for the rest of roommates. In the cloakroom we can create the set of shelves, drawers, rods, baskets where we can keep clothes, underwear or shoes.

Offered wardrobes can be supplied with other pieces of furniture, for example with cupboards with equal size. Cupboards can consist of only drawers or sliding door, but also these solutions can be mixed altogether. The size of a cupboard depends on the items expected to be kept, on the colour and style of other furniture and on the taste of a customer.

Bedroom is the most intimate room in our apartment. The entry is reserved only for its users. Due to this fact it should be arranged in the way it fulfils our requirements concerning own taste of style.

Wardrobe in a bedroom can occupy a whole surface of a wall, occupy the recess or be placed in the corners of a room. The idea where it would be set depends on the size of a bedroom and its arrangement.
Wardrobe door should correspond with the style of the room. We dissuade an installation of wardrobes with mirror fronts in the door. The mirror can reflect the mess in the bedroom and it would give an impression of bigger mess than it really is. The most important thing in the bedroom is harmony and calmness.
Wardrobes may create a fantastic set with cupboards of multiple sizes and variants: with drawers, sliding door of topaz system, or joining these two options. The size of a cupboard depends on the needs of a customer and on the type of items which would be kept inside as well as on the style of an interior where the cupboard would be placed.

If we divide the bedroom into two parts, we have the opportunity for arrange each part in different way. In both spheres we may apply completely different colours, patterns and styles. Additionally, by closing the door we are able to quickly hide a mess in the cloakroom part. By an installation of point lighting in the cloakroom we may obtain an interesting visual  effect and introduce magical atmosphere to the bedroom which will certainly let us relax and rest.