System Designer

It was never so easy to design and appraise fitted furniture.
Get to know the System Designer application and create your project
in a matter of minutes.

System Designer

Universality and modular structure

The software satisfies the requirements of users with various operating profiles. The application has been designed as a simple tool for customer support, distribution, and production management. It can be adapted to individual requirements.

Intuitive control

We are able to freely modify the selected modules and add or remove all elements at any stage of the project. A single click of the mouse changes the colour of the entire project or its part. Our project is ready in a matter of minutes.

The System Designer application

The Designer software is based on a complex
IT system, which is the main tool for customer support, distribution, and production management. The data exchange is fully automated.

If you are interested in our System Designer software or have any questions related to the application, write to us. 

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Designing and planning in the Designer software

Designing and planning in the Designer software
Designing in 3D

The application of computer visualisation improves the interior planning and designing process and makes it more attractive. We can observe the product visualisation in real time during the designing and adjust it as we see it. The spatial mode brings us as close to the final, actual project as possible.

Safety of the designed fitted furniture
Safety of the designed fitted furniture

The correct construction of the designed furniture
is controlled in real time by an advanced system,
which assures us that the designed fitted furniture
can be produced, easily installed, and safely used.

Cost control
Cost control

We are able to modify and change the developed project until both the product and the price satisfy us completely. We are able to check the complete information on the appraisal of the project at any time during designing.

Support of production processes

Proces - Articles Proces - Articles

Advanced communication

The production module connects to the designing system and the client order network and recognises the current schedules for individual production departments and positions with various levels of production automation. 


The system is friendly to all types of users. On one hand, it satisfies the expectations of small plants, with low production automation and most information conveyed in paper form. On the other, it has been successfully implemented in plants, where the production is accompanied by special and technologically advanced devices.

Optimisation of material use

The production system integrates the production processes and material management. It provides up-to-date information on the current condition of both the production process and the current financial situation of the company thanks to its integration with the financial and accounting system. This serves the optimisation of stored material consumption and distribution processes.

Tested and reliable solutions

The implementation of the System in the production plants in Poland and abroad has proven that our software copes well in plants of diverse structures and needs. 

System requirements and convenience

System requirements

The Designer system operates under the Microsoft Windows operating system. The product is programmed in the client-server architecture.
The SQL server is used as the database layer.


The software is available in several languages, and thanks to the applied solutions, it is very easy to prepare successive national versions and all it takes is the translation of the text used by the application.