Intérieurs, garde-robes et accessoires



ORTO - an aluminum system for interior design with a minimalist and simple form. It works well as a wardrobe and hallway furniture, an original bookcase in the living room, or a functional element in the kitchen. Orto is an offer for those who value modern design, practicality and originality. The shape and slenderness of the supporting profile, combined with fashionable colors: natural anode, white or matte graphite, emphasizes the charm of wood, glass, concrete or brick in an interesting way.

As a base, the Orto system uses a narrow, modern profile, which makes the buildings light and soaring. It enables the creation of visually light, openwork rack structures based on one or two load-bearing profiles. Both shelves and drawers, bars and cabinets can be mounted to the system, which gives a wide range of possibilities to create a piece of furniture in several combinations.

anode graphite
anodisé naturel