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Revendeur agréé Komandor
Hardware Distribution

Revendeur agréé Komandor

Revendeur agréé de Komandor c’est le commerçant signalé par notre entreprise qui fait des aménagements Komandor.

création d’une affaire familliale.

les personnes dont l’activité est liée au secteur d’aménagement d’intérieur et qui connaissent les difficultés présentes dans ce type de travail.

La meilleur qualité d’aménagements installés et offre des services pour satisfaire aux besoins des clients.

L’équipe de monteurs comprenant au moins deux employés, munie d’une voiture de livraison et des outils.

Salon d’exposition muni de matériaux nécessaires pour la présentation de l’offre de la société, tels que les présentoires, échantillons des matériaux et les catalogues.

Schéma de coopération dans le modèle de revendeur agréé
Revendeur potentiel

Revendeur potentiel

Votre Contribution financière

consultations d’affaires

Know How

Soutien de marketing
Industrial Design


Formation sur les produits
Formation en vente 
Formation en montage

Revendeur agrée

Revendeur agrée Komandor

Dans le cadre de la coopération, Komandor fournit à son revendeur agréé toute l'aide nécessaire pour démarrer l‘activité. Nous offrons également la formation et la préparation de tous les employés.


Hardware Distribution

As the producer of furniture hardware on a global scale, Komandor SA establishes cooperation with Partners all over the world.


Distribution of Komandor SA hardware to local production companies.


Wholesalers / Distributors who want to expand their operations on their local markets.


Providing access to Komandor SA products for local customers. Organisation trainings and courses for local customers.

Own warehouse and established distribution channels.

Ensuring optimal development of the distribution network.

Partnership outline in the Authorised Wholesaler model
Potential Distributor

Potential Wholesaler

Your Financial Contribution

Business consultations Marketing consulting Start-up support


Product training
Installation training

Authorised Komandor Distributor

Authorised Komandor Wholesaler

In scope of the partnership, Komandor provides its Partners with all assistance necessary to start the operations.
We also offer training courses and professional preparation for key employees of our Authorised Distributors.

Trade Contracts

Komandor welcomes the opportunity to work with trade business

Komandor specialises in trade contracts across all commercial sectors and throughout the UK and Ireland.  Our highly skilled design and installation teams work closely with your experts in design, architecture and building services to support and consult on the interior fitting and finishes of your bespoke development.

Our factories utilise the latest technologies and we guarantee to supply the very best made-to-order quality products needed for your project. We are experts in precision manufacturing and large scale production and all of our products are made in Poland. We do not import components or outsource our contracts.

The scale of our manufacturing capacity and the reach of our distribution channels mean we can take on large orders and ensure we deliver on budget and on time, bringing success to your project. We understand deadlines and we won’t let you down. Our prices are competitive but our quality and service is without compromise. We do not promise to ‘beat any quote’ but we will make sure we quote the right price for your project. 


Komandor has a wealth of experience in the hotel and leisure accommodation sectors and lists key authorised agents specialising in this field amongst its UK team. We have recently worked on some exciting and progressive new projects from state-of-the-art office buildings and luxury home interiors to student accommodation and retirement living villages. 


We work with designers, architects, developers and builders to help realise their vision for practical yet innovative interior design. Our service does not begin and end with supplying Komandor products. We are part of your team from the outset, supporting you with design, material, samples and managing costs. Like you, we believe in leaving a project only when the finish is absolutely perfect.


Call or email our Contracts Team today. If you prefer, complete our contact form and we will respond within 24hrs.

If you would like to learn more about Komandor and how our brand and our products could complement your latest project, then please get in touch.  We can talk over the ‘phone in the first instance or travel to meet you at your office or a development site. We appreciate large scale projects work to tight schedules, so we fit in with whatever works best for you.