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The door made with the ONYX system slides on the top and bottom guide. The shape of the Onyx system section is similar to that of the Agat section, and the rounded edges have been replaced by straight ones.


Max. door height: 2750 mm
Max. door width: 1200 mm
Adapted to panels: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 10 mm


The distinctive grip of the onyx handle profile allows for easy door sliding.

Possibility of adding a special designed handle to this profile.

Panel options: laminated board, glass, or mirror.

Door with panels combined of various materials or imitated partition with decorative strip.

The buffer strips with short and long nap ease vibration when the door is closing and protect from dust.

The anti-jumping function prevents the door from falling out of the bottom guide.

Hidden rolling system and invisible fastening of the bottom guide, allowing for the panel to be designer see-through glass.

Simple adjustment of door height.

The pneumatic closing mechanism provides for gentle door closing.

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