Komandor SA

We have based our successes on top quality products, an advanced distribution network, and tested business models. The experience collected all over the world has allowed us to reach top quality and be considered as an expert in the field.


We specialise in fitted furniture and room partition systems for comfortable storage at home or in the office.

Our main products are sliding door systems for made to measure furniture and wardrobes. The Komandor systems provide the opportunity for comfortable management of any space and are additionally equipped with innovative designs and solutions.


Thanks to the many years of experience, the quality of our products has been tested by millions of users all over the world.

Top quality requires commitment

In order to establish closer and more durable bonds with the market, Komandor invests in the expansion of the production lines and plants prefabricating fitted furniture. Additionally, based on tested structures of the advanced distribution network in Poland, we are successfully implementing similar solutions all over the world. Today, Komandor forms a group of numerous companies operating in Poland and abroad, which aim to provide top quality products and service.