Interior accessories

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The series contains 10 products that allow for the functional design of each wardrobe, and number of solutions will satisfy the most demanding customers. Products based on a closed aluminum frame with adjustable width, operating on the quadro type runners with soft-close mechanism. Used slides are hidden in aluminum frame what improves wardrobe aesthetics, and soft-close mechanism provides smooth, quite operation and closing without any unpleasant noise. All products are made of high-quality materials in original colours, what place them on the top of this type products offered on the market.


- attractive modern design
- original colours- Wide application
- easy installation
- silent and smooth operation
- soft-close slides
- slide hidden in aluminium frame
- width adjustment up to 25 mm


Multifunctional storage box 800x500x70 mm Mocca


Semi-open type storage box 800x500x70 mm Mocca
The product to be used instead of a traditional drawer. It is suitable for storage of jewellery, watches and other small items, as well ties and belts. Thanks to the structure of partitions all things are in place, which guarantees order without the need for additional boxes. The drawer’s interior is lined with a gentle and sensuous material.


PVC rattan basket 800x500x170 mm Mocca


Flat basket 800x500x150 mm Mocca
The product is adapted for storing clothes. Openwork structure allows for better air circulation so that clothes remain fresh for a longer time. Product available in two materials options: PVC rattan or painted steel plate.


Trousers rack 800x500x60 mm Mocca
The product is designed for 9 pairs of trousers. The aluminium tubes are finished with non-slip pads so to prevent clothes from falling rod. Full extension of the rack provides access to each pair of pants.


Shoes rack 800x500x180 mm Mocca
Product for storing shoes, can accommodate up to 6 pairs. The shelf is made of painted steel plate of high resistance to scratches. Like other products in the series, the frame has the ability of full extension, what provides access each pair of shoes.


Rotated mirror 170x415x1130 mm
Indispensable product in any closet or wardrobe. Thanks to the compact design, not require too much wardrobe space. It is equipped with 2 additional containers for small items. The finishing colour matches other products in the series.


Tie rack 170x445x85 mm Mocca
The product allows for a convenient and orderly way to store ties, can accommodate up to 9 pieces. Tie rack possess a soft-close mechanism what makes its work smooth and quiet.


Wardrobe lift Mocca
Popular product for hanging clothes in a high closet. Soft-close mechanism ensures quiet and smooth operation, while the finishing colour matches other series products, allows to design wardrobe with colours consistent with other elements in the interior.


Aluminum tube 12 x30 x 3000 mm Mocca
Original shape clothes rod. PVC insert mounted on the rod’s top surface protects it against scratches from hanger moves. Tube’s colour matches with other series products.