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Sliding wardrobe doors

With a variety of profiles and colours to choose from, we will assist you in perfectly co-ordinating your doors with the room’s colour scheme.

Panels can be in laminated board, mirror or coloured glass. There is a soft close mechanism for sliding doors. We can make an L shape wardrobe with the Lazuryt profile that gives easy access to the corner with no central support. The doors are held closed by special magnetic strips.

All of our doors slide on a top and bottom rail and have an anti -jumping mechanism to stop the door jumping out of its runners at the bottom.

Komandor offers two types of systems where all door profiles are adjusted:

STEEL SYSTEMS are characterised by high quality manufacturing. Steel tapes are specially prepared and shaped to a bespoke form. Frames and tracks are protected from corrosion by a layer of galvanised zinc on both sides, and then they are covered by a base varnish and top coat varnish. Applied lacquer gives a superb all-round appearance. This process of lacquering means that there is no risk of rupture or chipping of the varnish during the course of shaping the product or during mechanical profiling, rolling or bending. A coating layer (depending on the applied colour) may be covered by a polyester or polyvinyl chloride cover.


ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS are exceptional because the sliding system is hidden inside the frame so that the bottom carts and top guide bars are invisible. Profiles are obtained by tape shaping to match the system. The tracks and frames are made of aluminium alloy and covered with brown, white and black polyester varnish. Then an anodizing process covers the alloy with a galvanised coat.  Our available colours are Natural Anode, Gold Anode, Champagne Anode and PVC cover in wood-effect.


Essential elements of a system:

Profiles (described also as frames or handles) are vertical elements forming part of a door frame. They can also be used instead of a handle. They are available in multiple shapes, colours and widths.

Sliding elements (carts and guide bars): The bottom cart is an important part of the system which must be strong and durable because it holds the whole load of the door. Special bolts mean that the door may be perfectly fitted even to irregular walls. The carts also have bearings and are covered by special graphite grease. Komandor offers a 5-year warranty for sliding systems. However, technological tests have consistently found that the estimated time of fail-safe usage is 15 years.

The top guide bar is a connector for the door hardware. These are two independent rolling wheels, keeping the door in a vertical position, which at the same time allows the door to slide easily.


Additional elements:

Buffer tapes prevent the door knocking into the side of the wardrobe. Seal tapes (brushes) with long or short hair stops dust from getting into the wardrobe. Gas shutter brakes soft-close the door. Our sliding door systems have shock absorbers applied to them which prevent hands and fingers being trapped. This type of solution is perfect for children’s rooms.