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Walk in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes can be built in any room, increasing the useable space of that room and giving it definition. Even in small rooms, unusual spaces or rooms without recesses, the concept works because all Komandor walk-in wardrobes are made to measure. Our constructive capabilities are only limited by the size and wall layout of a room.

Walk-in Wardrobes are not restricted to bedrooms. Nowadays, they are used in cloakrooms and utility rooms too.  We can fit cloakrooms into under-stair spaces using the same sliding door / wardrobe mechanism. The system of columns, shelves and rods is entirely hidden.  We can create cupboards or wardrobes with the same system for utility storage e.g. vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, laundry dryer. For these type of ‘wardrobes’ the door may be applied as lacobel -  a panel – in rattan or a bamboo of a corresponding colours. Alternatively, a door with frosted or transparent glass projects natural light into the home and throws out ambient lighting when the interior lights are on.

In the bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe is best placed on one side of the wall and can be created to look fully integrated with the existing bedroom furniture. Alternatively the wardrobe doors can be designed with a decorative façade making them a feature of the room.

We recommend the shelves and interior furniture of the wardrobe should be at least 70 cm apart for easy use and closure. For those who enjoy openwork constructions we suggest the interior supports are made in tubular and column styles. Such wardrobes are very spacious and modern. The anode profiles perfectly match the panel; the structure of which resembles natural wood. Column and tubular system wardrobes have an additional advantage - the versatility of changing drawers and interior furniture which allows for multiple arrangements to suit the space.

The system of nickel plated rods allows you to separate jackets and suits from shirts and blouses. You can specify how you wish the rods to be placed to separate long and short clothes. Rods for short clothes can be fixed on two levels, one below another 105cm apart. The rod for long clothes is fixed at a height of 180cm so that the bottom of the garment will not touch the floor.

In rooms with high ceilings where taller wardrobes are required; pantographs are installed. These are special hangers supplied with rods which can be pulled down to access clothes at the normal level.

Extremely practical pull-out hangers mean trousers, skirts, shirts; ties and belts in the wardrobe can be stored without the need for ironing each time they are worn.

Shelving is extremely versatile and shelves can be long, short, narrow or wide and designed for your individual needs. A long and wide shelf can be installed on the top of a wardrobe as a laundry shelf. A shelf nearest to the ceiling is a perfect place for travel bags, suitcases, sheets and pillows. Underwear and socks, as well as other small garments, may be stored in drawers made of laminated panels. Standard dimensions of a drawer are 50cm width and 12 cm depth but they can be made to measure.

Baskets and sliding shelves are also a good and practical solution. The contents of a basket are visible and the transparent construction of these pieces ensures proper airflow inside the wardrobe.

For shoes, shelves made of laminated panels are recommended as they can be pulled-out on guide bars. The handles fixed on the shelves can also be holders for the shoes. Openwork shelves enable simple access to the shoes and fresh air flow.

Walk in wardrobes - depending on the size of a room - can have a rectangular, square “U” or “L” shape. Separate modules are often custom designed ‘for Him and for Her’ but are supplied with the same elements, meaning two people can use the wardrobe as a whole but have their own space designed especially for them.