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The kitchen is the heart of a house. It should be planned and arranged so that it fulfils its role in every way, from preparing and eating meals to functioning as the social hub of the home. Using Komandor sliding and tipping door systems in this room is ideal as they can be fixed to every kitchen wall, larder door or any size of cupboard. Kitchen furniture may be placed on one wall (single-row construction) or on two opposite walls (double-row construction).  

The well-arranged kitchen contains 5 spheres: food storage, meal preparation, kitchen utensils and gadgets, cutlery and crockery cupboards, space for rubbish and cleaning agents,

A good kitchen should be fully ergonomic in its design to save time and effort in our everyday chores and also allowing us to enjoy the space for more leisurely activities, such as entertaining guests.

Even the smallest space may need multiple solutions to make it work to the best of its ability. Komandor offers a varied range of storage solutions and accessories to do just that.

Minor projects, such as creating more cupboard space, are just as important as the more ambitious projects such as room partitioning, where a single or double suspended door can divide the kitchen from the dining area, or perhaps the installation of a central island. Anything that makes the use of a space more efficient and has a positive effect on the user is of immeasurable value.

Kitchens should be designed for the way you want to use them.