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Living room

Komandor storage systems for the living room can revolutionise your personal space, really changing the look and feel of a room with little or no need for decoration or rearranging of furniture. We can organise your space with shelving units, display cabinets, bookcases and multi-media units. Top hung partition doors can be used successfully in open plan spaces to reduce the size of an area, creating a more intimate space. A great deal of your time is spent in this very personal living space, so it is important to integrate storage systems in both a practical and aesthetically sympathetic way.

Racks made in a column system are a good alternative to closed in storage spaces, often chosen for their integrated style perfect for open plan living. The spacious structure of a column system means it can be used as a separator between two rooms. Another advantage of utilising this particular system is that it offers the option of panel shelving as well as glass shelves, which significantly increases the aesthetic value of the design.

We can also divide one room into two with a single suspended door or double ones if both sides of door are to be filled with the same material.  If this is not an option for a specific space, a pass door is the perfect alternative. Made within an aluminium system, the frame of which looks equal from both sides, it can be filled with milk glass or transparent glass.

The living room often sets the tone and style for the whole house, sending an important message to its inhabitants and visitors: ‘We spend time with our families and friends here. It is where we rest and relax, away from the business of the working day.’ Therefore, each piece of furniture in this room is a very important one.

Our most common living room storage units are based on a sliding door system filled with lacobel, graphic glass or sanded glass. Glass surfaces in the living room reflect the dance of light at every hour of the day, giving your living space warmth and dimension.

To complement the storage systems in this room, Komandor offers a wide range of modern and simple coffee tables. We are able to design and produce a table of any size; some of which include a workable desk. Tables can be centred on one leg, evenly distributed on four legs or presented in a C-shape. The most popular tables are low and square, rectangle, round or oval-shaped. A glass or transparent coffee table will introduce lightness to the room, whereas a table for a classic interior works best made of natural wood effect panels. We can even integrate a shelf made of coloured panels, available in a variety of 90 rich colours; so it should be possible to find at least one to match the room! Just in case the perfect shade cannot be found in our catalogue, it is also possible to mix colours to your unique specification.

Whilst the storage systems are cleverly integrated and unobtrusive, these coffee tables are designed to be the stand-out focal point of your room.