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The bedroom is the most personal room in your home, so it is important that it both fulfils your requirements and reflects your personal taste and style.

Komandor designs beautiful wardrobes complemented by sliding, pivoting, folding or slanted doors. The doors can made from beautiful coloured glass, from mirrors or from a wide range of laminate. We can match the wardrobe with bedside tables, dressing tables or a chest of drawers to complete the look.

A wardrobe can occupy a whole surface of a bedroom wall, fit snugly into the recess or be placed in the corner of a room. We are versatile in our design and create a storage solution to work with any size and layout of bedroom.

For smaller spaces we design the wardrobes with a sliding door or folding door on the inside. This means the distance between the wardrobe and bed does not need to be too great because the door simply slides into the wardrobe. We can even design the wardrobe with additional storage space for coats, shoes, bedding, towels and blankets despite the restrictions of the room. There will be no need to install rods in this case; a good arrangement of shelves, baskets and drawers will be enough.

Larger bedrooms can be divided into two parts by a pass door or suspended door. This way we define the sleeping space from the closet space and we can arrange each part in an individual way. For example, we may apply completely different colours, patterns and styles to one side of the room that can be closed off from view and presented as its own space or instead we can fully integrate it into the main section of the room. It is a practical solution that also allows for several sets of shelve and accommodates a selection of drawers, rods and baskets on which to hang clothes, store underwear and neatly arrange shoes. It is actually more of a walk-in wardrobe and dressing room combined. By installation of point lighting in the wardrobe area we can create interesting visual effects and introduce a relaxing ambience to the room.

Wardrobes can also be designed alongside cupboard space as a combined unit e.g. Topaz Sliding System or separate items.  Cupboards are a practical addition to the wardrobe providing even more useable space.